CEO, David Moore, sat down and discussed his take on the telecommunication industry.

CEO, David Moore, sat down and discussed his take on the telecommunication industry.

1.   Can you provide an overview of your career journey and how it has prepared you for the role of CEO in the telecommunications industry? I started my career in 1977 working for a developer. I moved from there to a Grocery chain and managed 106 shopping centers and in 1986 transitioned into brokerage and development. Since 1986, I’ve managed real estate partnerships, which provided the training I needed to be the CEO of NAI Global Wireless.

2.   Telecommunications is a rapidly evolving industry. How do you stay updated with the latest technological advancements and market trends? Unlike brick-and-mortar real estate, wireless real estate evolves almost daily. Besides keeping up with real estate trends, I’m constantly monitoring the everchanging wireless space.

3.   What do you believe are the biggest challenges and opportunities facing the telecommunications industry in the next five years, and how is your company positioned to address them? The biggest challenge is the technological advances and WIFI expansion to support all of the consumer household devices utilizing the bandwidth. The opportunities are what locations will be needed to support the growing WIFI need. 

4.   Can you share some key strategies your company has implemented to maintain and grow its market share in a competitive industry? We’re based in California and our political environment is straining employment opportunities and State taxes and employee costs. We have outsourced as much as we can offshore and using virtual employees to support our back office. We’ve started using AI to support our platform, which has unlimited potential.

5.   Telecommunications companies often invest heavily in infrastructure and technology. How do you prioritize capital allocation to ensure a strong ROI for your shareholders? Being cost conscience is key to the bottom line. We rely heavily on foreign based virtual employees who understand and have mastered programs and data bases to support our platform.

6.   With the growing importance of 5G technology, how is your company planning to leverage this technology to enhance its services and offerings? 5G will never be fully realized before 6G will start to be deployed. We believed 5G would solve many bandwidth constraints. We were wrong. Devices that have no need to be WIFI enabled are being bought and used by consumers. While it’s gimmicky, that doesn’t deter consumers from buying everything WIFI enabled.

7.   Security and data privacy are significant concerns in telecommunications. What measures does your company take to ensure the security and privacy of customer data and communications? While no system is perfect, we use cloud-based data storage and in some cases encrypted messaging. Any sensitive client data is protected and only a few key people in the firm have access to that data.

8.   Customer experience is crucial in the telecommunications sector. What initiatives has your company undertaken to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty? We communicate with our clients through the entire process and are always available for any of their needs. We guarantee our customers satisfaction. Our contracts provide the right of termination if they are dissatisfied at any time.

9. As CEO, what leadership principles do you prioritize to foster a positive company culture and inspire your team to achieve strategic goals? I don’t know everything and rely on my team for their input in all aspects of the business. I set the course and it’s up to them to get us there. We are a true meritocracy and everything is based on merit and achievement.

10. How do you envision the role of telecommunications evolving in the era of IoT (Internet of Things) and smart cities, and what is your company doing to capitalize on these opportunities? IoT’s are here and will continue to expand and will be heavily relied upon to provide the service they are uniquely designed for. Our firm will assist clients to develop and deploy IoT’s wherever they are required. 

11. What are your short-term and long-term goals for the company, and how do you plan to lead your team in achieving these objectives? Short term goal is to dominate the telecommunication brokerage landscape and increase our US based clients. Long term is to expand globally to be the preeminent global telecommunication brokerage company.