Cell Site Relocation

Around 1996 cell site development started in the United States. No one really knew the impact cellular service would have in America and the demand consumers would have. Many of the early cell site deployments were constructed more out of convenience than real planning that the site would possibly be there for decades.

We estimate there are 500,000 cell sites in the United States. They occupy land, rooftops, church steeples, pylon signs and other creative locations. While their useful life continues, many of the real estate locations they reside on require redevelopment and sometimes razing the entire property and repurposing the site for a completely different use.

Landlords and developers are for the most part is at the mercy of the cellular tenant who has lease or easement rights for many years and sometimes decades. The cell tenants are in a hostage taking position and require the redeveloper/landlord to pay 100% of the cost of the cell site relocation. In many cases this can cost several hundred thousand dollars.

Our team understands what is required to relocate a cell site temporarily or in some cases permanently to meet the needs of the landlord/developer as well as the restrictions and limitations the cell lease encompasses.