How can a CRE Broker work with NAI Global Wireless?

A broker can utilize NAI Global Wireless to navigate and optimize cell tower lease transactions. Cell tower leases involve agreements between property owners and wireless carriers or tower companies for the placement of cell towers or other wireless infrastructure on the property. Here’s how you can work with us:

Expertise and Knowledge:

NAI Global Wireless specializes in the wireless landlord representation across the United States and have in-depth knowledge of the industry’s regulations, market trends, and best practices. Brokers can benefit from our expertise to make informed decisions.

Lease Negotiation:

Our firm can assist your clients with negotiating lease agreements with wireless carriers or tower companies. We can advise on market terms, rental rates, escalations, and other contract clauses to maximize the value of the lease for the property owner.

Lease Optimization:

NAI Global Wireless can review existing cell tower leases to identify opportunities for rent increases or lease amendments that can benefit property owners. We may also recommend strategies for lease extension or renewal. Our team provides free evaluations of all cell site agreements.

Market Analysis:

We keep abreast of market conditions and cell lease rates. NAI Global Wireless can provide brokers with a market analysis to ensure that property owners receive fair compensation for leasing their land or rooftop space. You can visit our website for a cell lease report reflecting 2022 rates.

Revenue Maximization:

NAI Global Wireless can work with brokers to maximize the revenue potential of cell tower leases. This includes negotiating favorable lease terms and optimizing lease rates.

Dispute Resolution:

In case of disputes between property owners and wireless carriers or tower companies, NAI Global Wireless can provide expert guidance and assist in resolving conflicts. We do not provide legal advice.

Portfolio Management:

Brokers whose clients have multiple cell tower leases in their portfolio can benefit from a NAI Global Wireless’ services to manage and optimize the entire portfolio efficiently.

Overall, NAI Global Wireless can be a valuable resource for brokers and their clients involved in cell tower lease transactions, helping them secure favorable terms, maximize revenue, and navigate the complexities of the wireless telecommunications industry. Contact our team today!