How do I get a cell tower on my property?

Weekly Wireless Tip- How do I get a cell tower on my property?
NAI Global Wireless is constantly asked, “How do I get a cell lease on my property”. To wit we reply, “They find you and when they do, it’s like winning the lottery”.

In some cases, our answer is unsatisfactory. We decided to provide the contact information for the four US carriers to assist our followers with soliciting carriers for their property’s. The information is also helpful for existing cell lease landlords to know the easiest way to contact their tenants. We encourage you to bombard them with your real estate locations. If you get a hit, remember we understand how to leverage them for your financial benefit.

T-Mobile 877-373-0093
AT&T 877-231-5447
Verizon 866-862-4404
DISH 303-723-1000