We’re the Nation’s leading advocate for cell site landlords.

Since its inception in 2008, NAI Global Wireless has been dedicated to safeguarding the rights of property owners, delivering tailored solutions, and expertly negotiating on their behalf. Our team is committed to providing exclusive wireless landlord representation across the United States.

Supported by NAI Global, the fourth most recognized brand in international commercial real estate, NAI Global Wireless is equipped to provide top-tier service and consistently surpass client expectations. We guarantee the most favorable outcomes tailored to the unique needs and requirements of each client.

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NAI Global Wireless possesses extensive expertise across a diverse range of areas.

New Lease Agreements

Your property has been chosen by a carrier—what’s next? Negotiating a new lease agreement involves considering numerous factors. Our team possesses substantial experience in securing the most favorable market terms and conditions for our clients.

Cell Site Evaluation

Our team offers a complimentary assessment of cell sites throughout the United States. We will determine if your current lease is above or below market value, assess its present worth in today’s market, and identify opportunities for renegotiation at this time.

Cell Site Buyouts

Cell leases represent personal property income streams and are subject to the carrier’s unilateral right to terminate. We advise our clients to consider selling their cell lease to capitalize on the substantial prices buyers are currently willing to offer for these income streams.

Cell Lease Amendment

When the carrier initiates contact to renew the lease agreement or to discuss equipment upgrades, this presents a valuable opportunity to renegotiate the terms of your lease to better align with the prevailing market conditions.

Cell Site Relocation

Redeveloping a property and need to relocate the cell site? This process is highly complex and involves numerous components. It is crucial to have experts guide you through the intricacies of a cell site relocation to ensure a smooth transition.

Cell Site Management

Do you have multiple cell leases in your portfolio? Our team specializes in managing cell lease portfolios, working collaboratively with carriers, and providing guidance on market terms and conditions as well as best practices. Let us help you optimize your investments.

2024 Wireless Leasing Rates

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Wireless Lease Resources

Cell Tower Lease Rates

We are pleased to offer a complimentary report that displays comparable lease data for the carriers in all 50 states. This report have been updated to reflect the 2023 rental rates.

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Cell Site Buyouts

Property owners are bombarded by monetizers and tower companies saying they want to buy their lease. Here are five reasons why you should consider selling your cell tower lease today…

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Cell Tower Lease Agreements

Property owners are contacted by cell carriers requesting space to erect towers or antennas for a specified amount of time. In many cases, the initial negotiation process isn’t…

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How To Negotiate Higher Lease Rates Through Leverage

When the opportunity arises to re-trade, renew or renegotiate your cell site lease, there are many external factors beyond the contract that can work in your favor. This report will cover simple principles that can help you gain leverage and negotiate higher lease rates.

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Cell Site Valuation

Our team can help you get started with our five point, comprehensive cell site lease evaluation. This is a free, no obligation service we are pleased to offer across all fifty states.

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The Harsh Reality of Building a Cell Tower: A Cautionary Tale

Some property owners are under the misguided belief that simply constructing a cell tower will attract wireless carriers. This notion is far from reality. Wireless carriers operate within specific MHz bandwidths, relying on detailed radio frequency studies to identify suitable sites. What works for one carrier often won’t for another.

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Billboard Owners

As a billboard owner, there are many factors to consider when negotiating. Learn how to maximize the value of your billboard here.

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